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Most Addictive Series on Netflix: Money Heist

Here is why Money Heist is rated the most addictive series on Netflix.

La Casa De Papel most commonly known as Money Heist has won a lot of hearts globally. The whole idea of the show was unique and amazing. Originally released in Spanish this series was further dubbed in English and released on Netflix. The first two seasons received so much love from the audience that the makers had to come up with a third season with a whole new story. 

The audience had to have a long wait for the third season, but finally, the season has become available on Netflix a few months earlier. Here are all spoiler-free reasons why Money Heist is the most addictive series on Netflix.

The Smart and relentless Story

The story of the show is so addictive that once you start to watch you want to give up until the whole season ends. The story is filled with a lot of twists and turns. The show has taken the level of heist thrillers to the next level.

The Perfect Cast

The smart and unpredictable leader Berlin, the perfect planner Professor, the short-tempered Tokyo, the understanding Nairobi, the never giving up Arturo Roman and other actors including the thieves as well as the hostages. All the characters have their own specialty and the keep us attached to the show.

The Chaotic Pace of the show 

Even after every step of the heist being planned, the show undergoes a lot of chaos with new complications and problems coming up in every new episode.

If you haven’t watched the series yet we suggest you do it soon.

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