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Money Heist: Alba Flores aka Nairobi Hints About Her Future In La Casa de Papel 5

Nairobi’s character got killed in season 4 of Money Heist leaving fans of La Casa de Papel heartbroken. A new video from the behind-the-scenes featuring Alba Flores hints at Nairobi’s future on the show. Read below to know more.

The most-loved show currently in the world is the season 4 of Money Heist. The show is providing the audience the much-needed entertainment in the midst of the lockdown because of the novel coronavirus. But there’s a bit of heartbreaking news for the ones who haven’t watch La Casa de Papel 4 yet, unfortunately, Nairobi dies.

The twist has literally shot right into everyone’s hearts halfway through the fourth season and has left many fans weeping. A heart-wrenching funeral was given and the events that followed left every Money Heist fan chanting, “For Nairobi.”

But if you think that the sad news of Nairobi’s death was enough then the makers have decided to leave us in a puddle of tears once again. The official Instagram handle of the Spanish show shared a video taken of Alba Flores aka Nairobi’s last day on the sets.

The video featured Alba holding a bouquet of flowers while the cast and crew bid farewell to the show.

Alba can be heard saying, “For some people in the team, with some people of the team, it’s been many years. I want to thank you all for everything you have taught me. I’ve grown here as an actress more than I ever imagined I would and as a person.” The elated Spanish actress then cried out how amazing the team of the show is.

Alba then concluded by saying, “I hope to film with you 16,000 times more. I will miss you.” In the later part of the video, one can see Alba hugging the cast and crew on the sets.

The emotional video leaves the fans of the show wanting Nairobi back and it surely does hint that Alba might not be returning to the show for the next season. As Nairobi doesn’t have a strong past connection, there might be a reference through Tokyo or Helsinki from time to time. But Alba might not necessarily be a part of almost all episodes as other characters do.

Nairobi will surely be missed and we hope that the video just turns out to be a prank and we see more of her in the coming season of La Casa de Papel.

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