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‘Miss Americana’: Top Five Reasons To Watch Taylor Swift’s Documentary

Taylor Swift releases her Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ that shows she’s just like us!

From sticking tortilla chips in her burrito “for the crunch” to having a cat walking across the keys when playing the piano, Taylor Swift is all kinds of relatable!

Swift’s Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last week, releases on Netflix today (Jan.31) wherein the Cats actress gets up-close and personal.

The documentary shows fans a never-seen-before goofy side to Taylor where she can shows off her lit-up party shoes while recording a song and is able to have a laugh at herself (“I look like a Pop-Tart wrapper”).

Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, these top five reason will at the most turn you into a fan or at least make you relate to Taylor:

Taylor Swift Worries About Her Job And Fails Sometimes Too

In one scene in the documentary, Swift and her cat are seen waiting nervously by the phone waiting for the 2018 Grammy Awards nominations only to get a call that says “Reputation,” the year’s best-selling album, isn’t nominated for album of the year, a category she’s won twice in the past. “This is good. This is fine. I just need to make a better record,” she says, trying to put on a brave face but looking absolutely heartbroken and near tears.

Taylor sets the bar really high for herself. “There’s so much pressure going into putting new music out,” she says. “If I don’t beat everything I’ve done prior, it’ll be deemed as a colossal failure.”

Taylor Gets Heartbroken And Needs A Break Too Sometimes

Taylor talks about the famous 2009 MTV VMAs moment where Kanye West interrupts her acceptance speech. She talks about that heartbreaking moment made its way into being a “catalyst for a lot of psychological paths I went down. And not all of them were beneficial.” As if that were not enough, Swift faced another blow when Kanye released “Famous” with the lyric, “I made that b—h famous” which had an even harsher effect.

After the song, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty started trending on twitter and Taylor breaks down in front of her mom Andrea. “I just wanted to disappear. Nobody physically saw me for a year, and that was what I thought they wanted. The backlash hurt so much because adulation was ‘all I used to have’ and the writing for ‘Reputation’ was like a wounded animal lashing out’.”

Almost Losing A Family Member Made Her Gain Perspective

Andrea Swift’s (Taylor’s mom) battle with breast cancer and the brain tumor recently detected “has been really hard for me because she is my favorite person,” Swift shared. “It woke me up from this life where I used to sweat all these things. But do you really care if the Internet doesn’t like you today if your mom’s sick from her chemo?”

Taylor Has Had Body Image Issues Leading To Eating Disorders

Taylor admits that “it’s not good for me to see pictures of myself every day because a few times in the past where I felt her stomach was too big or someone said I looked pregnant, I’ve been triggered enough to starve a little bit. Just stop eating.” This went on until she finally had the revelation that food is actually a good thing, “I don’t care as much if somebody points out that I have gained weight. It’s something that makes my life better, the fact that I’m a size 6 instead of a size double-0.”

She even shows a picture that made her go into a ‘bad place’. ”I was like, ‘We do not do that anymore. It’s better to think you look fat than to look sick. We’re changing the channel in our brain.’ “

Taylor Has Stopped Bothering About What People Think

Taylor publicly opposed Tennessee senatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn, a Republican conservative and say she is against gay marriage and women’s issues calls her and even openly calls her “Trump in a wig”

Her publicist tries to foresee any possible issues, including backlash from the president to which Taylor says “Yeah, f—k that! I don’t care.”

In the documentary Taylor even says, “It’s time to take the masking tape off my mouth. Like, forever.”

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