Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She Met Jake Bonjiovi On Instagram Before They Started Dating

Millie Bobby Brown discussed how she and her boyfriend first became friends online before they began dating. Watch the interview below!

In a new “Autocomplete” interview with Wired, which was made public on November 9th, Millie Bobby Brown disclosed that she and her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi really became friends online before they actually met. Millie, 18, disclosed one of the top queries for her on the internet, which was about how she and Jake, 20, met.

She chuckled a little and soon explained that they had just clicked after meeting on the well-known social networking site. “How did we meet? We met on Instagram, the old Instagram,” she added. “We were friends for a bit, and what can I say?”

Along with sharing that she and Jake met on Instagram, Millie also opened up about a variety of other subjects, including her dislike of waffles, her tattoos, and her favourite song, which she revealed to be Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” in its 10-minute extended version. Millie also previously shared an Instagram video of her and Jake singing along to the song in November.

Additionally, Millie discussed her tight relationship with co-star Noah Schnapp, who portrays Will in the Netflix series Stranger Things. In a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress said that Jake noticed their strong relationship right away. “Jake, by the way, who is my boyfriend, when we first met, Jake was like, ‘You guys are in love,’” the Enola Holmes actress revealed. “But it’s in the most platonic way.”

Jake, Jon Bon Jovi’s kid, and Millie have been adorable recently, whether he’s come to her set, taken her to Disneyworld, or accompanied her to the Enola Holmes 2 premiere. According to sources close to Jake’s family who spoke exclusively to HollywoodLife during the young couple’s relationship, Jake’s rock star mother and father are thrilled for the young pair. The source shared, “Millie has met Jake’s entire family and they all adore her. They couldn’t be happier that he was with such a beautiful, caring, and loving woman.”

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of WIRED