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Miley Cyrus’ family likes Cody Simpson: ‘They’ve Embraced’ him

Cody Simpson is now practically a part of the Cyrus' family after he visited them over the Thanksgiving holiday along with Miley in tow. It is reported that the family has embraced Cody and really like him.

Cody Simpson seems to have won over the Cyrus’ after he visited them for Thanksgiving this year. Cody and Miley Cyrus have only been dating for two months now, but the family has wholely welcomed him into the fold. A source told an entertainment portal, “Miley’s family has totally embraced him as one of their own and they say he fits right in. They really like him, and like having him around because he makes Miley so happy.”

Miley and Cody are joint to the hip since they began dating in October, just two months after she called it quits on her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. They were first seen kissing at a bowling alley in Los Angeles, but they have known each other for some time now. Thanksgiving is also not the first time Cody met with Miley’s family. He was seen grabbing breakfast with his girlfriend and her mom, Tish Cyrus in October. 

Even Miley will soon be seen taking the big step of meeting Cody’s family. The source revealed that Cody’s mom  Angie Simpson will also be heading to the United States from Australia this month! The source said, “Cody and Miley will be spending time with her in LA and Tennessee [so Angie] can get to know Miley more. It’s not the first time Miley is meeting her but it’s the first time in this context, so it’s kind of a big deal.” 

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