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Miley Cyrus Confesses Having Crush On Harry Styles?

Miley Cyrus makes a confession of having a crush on former One Direction singer Harry Styles. She made this revelation during her recent interview.

The American pop sensation, Miley Cyrus is single this festive season. She broke up with her boyfriend Cody Simpson in August. Recently, during her interview with Heart FM, Miley confessed to having a crush on former One Direction singer, Harry Styles.

While playing the game of Would You Rather, the 28-year old singer chose Harry Styles over Justin Bieber when asked by the host whom would she kiss.

Speaking of her choice, Miley said that she has known Justin for a while and he is like a family to her. On the other hand, she says that Styles is looking good.

After hearing Miley’s answer, the host asked that he would hit them together as he knows Harry Styles. Responding to the same, the singer said, “Everyone is always playing cupid for me these days!”

Well, it will be wonderful to see Miley and Harry Styles as a couple. Some fans have even started shipping them together after Miley’s confession.

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