Monday, September 28, 2020

    Miley Cyrus choses to IGNORE Liam Hemsworth’s new romance!

    Liam Hemsworth who is out and about flaunting his new lady after filing for a divorce with ex-wife Miley Cyrus, a source revealed why Miley is not paying attention to his brand new romance


    It is indeed getting difficult to keep up with Miley-Liam relationship drama. Recently, Liam Hemsworth who was recently seen holding hands with Dynasty actress Maddison Brown, the whole world is waiting anxiously for Miley’s reaction. But it seems like Miley isn’t paying attention to her ex’s hot new romance. A source reveals, “Right now, Miley is so happy being with Cody that she’s not really paying attention to Liam and Maddison because she knows that is the past.”

    The source also revealed that Miley was more conservative than Cody and she’s realizing now that she’s older she’s changed. Miley is happy with Cody as it is safe and easy for her. She’s known Cody for years and her family has known him since he and Miley were kids. She and Cody have a history. The source revealed how it is a completely different thing for her than Liam and they’re just having a lot of fun together which Miley needs right now.

    After Miley split from Liam, she was seen getting hot-and-heavy with Kaitlynn Carter. But soon after they split a month later, Miley stunned fans when she moved on with current beau Cody Simpson. They were seen making out over smoothie bowls. Both Miley and Cody are not shy about their budding romance and are also seen plastered over each others respective Instagram accounts.

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