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Miley Cyrus Celebrates 16th Anniversary Of Hannah Montana With Heart Heartwarming Note

Hannah Montana followed high school student Miley Stewart as she juggled between her normal girl life and the life of a pop star named Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus celebrated the Disney Channel television series “Hannah Montana’s anniversary.” She took to her official Twitter account and wrote, “16 years ago my life changed forever when HM premiered.” The singer continued with a special message for her fans, adding, “Because of your loyalty and support I’ve had the honor to travel the world for over a decade and perform for fans that bring so much greatness into my life.”

The tweet included a video of Cyrus singing one of Hannah’s biggest hits, “Hoedown Throwdown,” during a concert. The song was featured in Hannah Montana: The Movie, which hit the theaters in 2009. “My dream is to sing ‘Hoedown Throwdown,'” Cyrus said in the footage, telling concertgoers, “I can’t remember how it goes. You tell me.”

The lyrics quickly came back to her as she rapped, “Pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country fivin’, hip hop hip.” The crowd then took over and wrapped the next line before Cyrus joked, “Alright you’re forgetting it too, I’m glad.” The Grammy-nominated singer also posted memories from her time as the titular teenage pop star and wrote, “Grateful to each of you for all of your love & ATTENTION! You personally paved my path! Eternally thankful!”

In 2020, Cyrus said she’s open to reprising her role as Hannah. During a virtual appearance on the Carolina With Greg T In The Morning radio show, the Malibu singer was asked about a potential reboot of the series. Hannah Montana followed high school student Miley Stewart (Cyrus) as she juggled family, friends, and school by day while performing as a secret pop star named Hannah Montana by night.

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