Miley Cyrus ‘Almost Died’ As Her Private Jet Struck By Lightning

Miley Cyrus' friend Val Pina, who was sitting next to her in the plane, said, 'Literally almost died.'

Miley Cyrus was flying to Paraguay to headline the Asunciónico festival in the country’s capital. But, her flight to Asunción was forced to make an emergency landing due to severe weather conditions. However, the singer is “safe” after her plane was ‘caught in a major unexpected storm.’ The songstress took to her Instagram to inform her fans that she is safe. Hannah Montana alum shared a frightening video, which shows a flash of lightning seen through the window of the plane. She also included an image of the plane’s damage.

Along with the video, she penned, “To my fans and everyone worried after hearing about my flight to Asunción. Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lighting. My crew, band, friends, and family who were all traveling with me are safe after an emergency landing.” Cyrus concluded her note, “We were, unfortunately, unable to fly into Paraguay. I LOVE YOU.”

Meanwhile, Miley’s step-sister, Brandi, also posted a video on her Instagram story from inside the plane. In the clip, she says, “I’m going to try to not be dramatic but we almost died,” while holding an alcoholic beverage to lower her stress levels. However, Miley’s friend, who was sitting next to her, said, “Literally almost died. We just landed in I don’t even know where 200 miles away from where we’re supposed to land and because lightning struck the plane so bottoms up!”

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