Mike Tyson Says He’s A Product Of Fear

Mike Tyson says he is a product of fear and feels nature has given that to him as a shield. He will soon be seen diving with sharks.

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he is a product of fear. Feels nature has given that to him as a shield.

“That’s basically my life, my upbringing. I’m a product of fear,” Mike Tyson said while talking about how fear has been his driving force.

Tyson further mentioned that, “For anyone born in an environment like mine, inner city, drug infected, violence infected, all that stuff, everything infected with everything. You become a product of fear and you go through your whole life trying to overcome that feeling, that emotion, but it doesn’t go nowhere because nature’s given that to us to protect ourselves. It’s a part of our ego, believe it or not. Our fear is part of our ego.”

Mike Tyson will soon be seen going diving with sharks in Shark Week special. In the episode titled “Tyson vs Jaws“, Tyson will be diving nearly 50 feet underwater and put a shark to sleep.

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While talking about his experience, Mike says, “I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But once I was in the water, I was really disciplined. I’m a pretty disciplined guy. And once I was in the water, I was very objective, and nothing appeared to bother me.”

Asked how preparing for the shark dive prepare him for his upcoming exhibition fight. Tyson said, “It allowed me to realize that most of the things that go on in my head are just illusions that I allow to turn into reality and so I don’t have as much fear, as far as intimidation.”

He further added that, “When I talk about fear, I’m more concerned about intimidation that I may be in the state of fear and I may not be able to perform at my highest level and that’s what I worry about. It’s not actual fear of getting beat. It’s the fear of allowing fear to entrench me so much that I can’t perform at my highest level.”