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365 Days Star Michele Morrone Sets His Eyes On Bollywood Films

Known for performance of Sicilian mafioso don Massimo Torricelli in 365 Days, hottest global Italian star Michele Morrone confirms getting offers for Bollywood films in latest interview.

The world’s hottest Italian star Michele Morrone has created a really huge fanbase across the globe especially in our country India after he became an overnight star globally with his remarkable performance of Sicilian mafia don Massimo Torricelli in hit erotica Netflix film 365 Days and few days back whilst we had seen many speculative stories floating around that suggested about how Michele Morrone might have been approached by ace noted film maker Karan Johar for Bollywood debut, latest exciting scoop here is that 365 Days star Michele Morrone sets his eyes on Bollywood films.

This is indeed an amazing new for his Indian fans here that 365 Days star Michele Morrone sets his eyes on Bollywood films.

Confirming about the same in his latest exclusive interview conversation with a leading Indian entertainment tabloid, this is true that 365 Days star Michele Morrone sets his eyes on Bollywood films.

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Officially confirming the rumor of Karan Johar offering him a bollywood movie to be true in this recent interview, he also went ahead and opened up on the kind of Bollywood films along with mentioning about the type of roles that he wants to do and speaking about which, Michele said that his team has been trying to expand reach and bollywood is one main area that they have been working on and shedding more light on it, Michele said, “My team has been approached for Bollywood projects, and that’s why we’ve expanded there”.

Michele also revealing about how much he really loves the culture, music, and everything which Bollywood creates, shared, “Bollywood is big and its reach is undeniable. I love the culture, music, colours and beauty of what Bollywood creates. I don’t know much, but I recently started educating myself by looking for information on Bollywood. My management team has also expanded to India and I can’t wait to see what the outcome can be”.

Michele also saying how much he is ready for acting in Bollywood projects and also wants to do a challenging role if given a chance, said, “I would love to do a Hindi film. As an actor, I love challenging roles and they can sometimes make you uncomfortable. I believe when you’re uncomfortable, that’s when you start creating magic”.

Also speaking in details about the fame and stardom that he received post 365 Days, Michele asserted, “Yes, it turned out to be a worldwide sensation. I never expected all of this to be honest, but I knew that one day my dream would come true because I have such a strong passion for what I do, and I love it. So, if not today, I would have made it happen one way or another because we should never give up on our dreams”.

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