Michele Morrone Offended After His Pics From Sets Leaked Online

Michele Morrone, hottest male star post remarkable performance in Netflix Film 365 Days, got offended on his frontal nude pics from sets leaking on insta and slammed the trolls in his own way.

A day back on Thursday, hit Netflix film 365 Days (2020) fame Hollywood star Michele Morrone offended after his pics from sets leaked online.

Taking to his social media handle on instagram and expressing his anger on disrespectful people, Michele Morrone offended after his pics from sets leaked online.

It so happened that some frontal nude intimate pictures of the dashing and ace Hollywood star Michele Morrone who is currently shooting for 365 DNI also known as 365 Days sequel on sets as the multi-layered Italian mafia boss Massimo Torricelli got leaked online on social media and then after the actor got a hint about this, Michele Morrone offended after his pics from sets leaked online.

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The stellar and heartthrob Hollywood star has won hearts of his fans and audiences with his remarkable performance as mafia boss Massimo in hit film 365 Days and then also forayed into singing and carved a place for himself successfully as a singer as well.

Those pictures which unfortunately got leaked online were from sets where currently the filming of 365 DNI 2 (365 Days 2) is going on and taking to his official instagram handle and posting an instagram story for same, he slammed and called out those people who didn’t respect his privacy and unethically invaded it along with mentioning how it was really a ‘big offence’ and ‘very disrespectful’ too.

Source: Lanie Jane 710 Instagram Page. This page illegally leaked the on set pics of Michele from the filming of 365 Days 2 happening in Warsaw (Poland) right now.

The actor in his statement on instagram story started off by telling, “As an actor your life becomes public. But, as a human being, I would still like my privacy to myself, and I’m a huge fan of privacy”.

Speaking about the leaked pictures from the sets, he furthermore also wrote, “It is never ok to invade someone’s privacy and it’s very disrespectful. What happened is a big offence to me. I really wanna thank all of my online family for taking action against all the private images of me that leaked while I was working on set professionally”.

As all his fan communities and pages helped him in getting those pictures taken down off instagram, thanking them from his heart, he concluded the note by saying, “I really appreciate what you’ve all done guys… as always, Thank you… I love you!!”.

Michele Morrone catapulted to global fame and recognition almost overnight and became a worldwide hollywood star post featuring in the erotic drama Netflix film titled 365 Days which even after receiving flak and criticism for storyline became a huge hit globally and got watched by fans and netizens across the globe as well.

Recently, there some reports suggesting that Michel Morrone may make his Bollywood debut with filmmaker Karan Johar and media mills were floating with speculative stories about how Michele might be a part of KJo’s Dharmatic Entertainment and we all now know that these all are literally fake rumors.