Michele Fans Think He Came Out As Gay, Michele Reacts

After chaos about Michele Morrone being gay erupted in post comments section of a cozy pic of him and Simone Sussina, Michele Morrone reacts to it and assures fans of not being gay.

Recently the 365 Days star Michele Morrone posted a picture on his insta handle with Simone Susinna and then fans started dropping in comments having suspicions of him coming out as gay since it’s the international pride month after all and now seeing all of this all Michele fans think he came out as gay, Michele reacts.

It so happened that the suave and heartthrob Hollywood star Michele Morrone recently dropped in a cozy picture with Simone Susinna on his social media handle at instagram with the caption, “I’m liar”, and then after this picture within few hours comments section got flooded as Michele fans think he came out as gay, Michele reacts.

One of the hottest and hunk heartthrob stars in world all thanks to his stellar and multi-layered performance of Italian mafia boss Massimo Torricelli in Netflix’s hit erotic movie titled 365 days and the movie post gaining global wide recognition and popularity he has surely gotten loads and tons of fans on social media especially women who keep on gushing about his physique, his voice, and on him overall. But ever since his recent picture with Simone Susinna on his account, many of Michele fans think he came out as gay, Michele reacts.

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It’s a known fact globally that his instagram feed is literally a visual treat especially to majority of his female fans since its always filled up with some ultra-hot and sensual pictures of himself which can be enough to make any girl drop onto their knees.

Amidst his magazine cover shoot pictures, shirtless pictures and perfectly angled sunkissed selfies and much more, a couple of days back he had shared a cozy looking picture with Simone Susinna on his handle and post which majority of his fans started spamming the comments section with speculations of him coming out as gay since it’s the international pride month.

Particularly, in this picture we all can see how Simone is back hugging Michele from behind and it’s a shirtless picture with a cation ‘I’m liar’ and with this cryptic post, fans started mulling deeply and also thought about Michele coming out as gay in real life considering June is also celebrated as a pride month globally.

Source: Michele Morrone Instagram. This cozy picture of him and Simone Susinna made fans think about Michele being gay which later got clarified by the heartthrob hunk himself.

Finally putting all these speculations to rest, Michele cleared the air through his instagram stories and shared, “I didn’t come out (as gay). This morning, I woke up with my team calling me and saying, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of articles…saying that you came out,’ because of the picture I took with Simone. He became a very good friend of mine, we’re like brothers. We’re shooting a movie together. Guys, it was just a picture. Nothing more”.

Furthermore, Michele also added, “And by the way…I’m a very big supporter of the LGBT community. But we’re just talking about a normal picture. I didn’t come out”.