Michael B. Jordan Apologizes To His Mother After His Viral Underwear Ad

Michael B. Jordan Apologizes To His Mother For Viral Calvin Klein Underwear Advertisement as she saw her kids such pictures.

Michael B. Jordan grabbed the eyeballs of the globe after he appeared in the now-viral Calvin Klein spring 2023 advertisement. On social media, fans have been salivating over these brand-new images of the actor and praising him for his sculpted abs and toned body. Michael B. Jordan claimed at the Creed III premiere that he called his mother to apologise before these photographs were made public.

Michael B. Jordan has collaborated with Calvin Klein for the first time, as seen by the sensual images that Mert & Marcus took of him. The 36-year-old actor claimed he apologised to his mother before the photos were made public on the red carpet at the Creed III premiere. 

Jordan apologised to his mother after she saw her kids’ desirable pictures. He said, “I have got my business all out there in the streets.” Michael B. Jordan expressed his delight at the simultaneous release of his directorial debut Creed III and the Calvin Klein campaign commercial when asked about the timing. 

Along with Michael, the brand has previously collaborated with many celebrities, including Mark Wahlberg, Justin Bieber, and Jamie Dornan. As he posed with sculpted abs for the now-viral Calvin Klein underwear campaign, the 36-year-old received praise from fans. 

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