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Meghan Markle tells Prince Harry to dump his toxic backstabbing friends?

Meghan Markle is reportedly helping Prince Harry to leave his toxic friends who turned out to be backstabbers after the royal step back.

It’s been one whole month since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dropped the bombshell of taking a “step back” from their “royal duties”

Despite many bizarre predictions about the royal family, the monarchy remains intact. On the otherhand, Meghan and Harry appear to be happier than ever living on the outskirts of Canada, allegedly in tennis superstar Serena Williams home with their baby boy Archibald, fondly known as Archie. Recently, a picture of Meghan walking her pets along with her baby surfaced the internet and according to fans, she looked happier than she’s been in the past couple of months, thanks to the hideaway from the UK media.

Although there’s much speculation of turbulent relations between Meghan and her in-laws, it seems as though they aren’t solely responsible for the “megxit”.

Some of Harry’s friends were allegedly making life difficult for the ex royal couple. A news portal also reported that some of his friends were responsible for certain inside information leaking to the British tabloids, that made Meghan and Harry’s life hell.

Meghan and Harry have reportedly cut ties with those backstabbing pals.

A source in their inner circle revealed to a news portal, “He wants to purge all the backstabbers who have come out of the woodwork and criticized them since the announcement. Meghan has been helping him delete these people from his life.

“Not just via social media but wiping their numbers and addresses from his contacts book and shredding any photos or letters they may have exchanged over the years,” the insider adds.

Apart from Harry’s “backstabbing” friends, his brother Prince William and sister in-law Kate too are not on good terms with him and Meghan. A second source reveals, “There are no tears for Meghan leaving. William and Kate couldn’t be happier with Harry and Meghan’s decision.”

On the other hand Prince Charles’ second wife Camilla was supportive of the couple’s decision and even lent her some words of wisdom. “She knew this was in the works and actually told Meghan to follow her heart and leave if she needed to,” the source tells the news portal.

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