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Marilyn Monroe – I Often Felt Lonely And Wanted To Die

One of the most beautiful and versatile late hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe whose fashion sense is followed by people even today and is remembered as a cult and trend setting starlet even today after so many years of her demise, in her rarest old interview and according to her autobiography titled My Story, Marilyn Monroe said I often felt lonely and wanted to die.

One of the most loved Hollywood superstar who has been loved for her fashion sense even today after so many years of her demise which happened back in 1936 when she was only 36 years old, is Marilyn Monroe. Before her death, within one of her old interviews, Marilyn Monroe said I often felt lonely and wanted to die.

Even after being the most super successful Hollywood superstar then, her past and difficult childhood haunted her. In one of her oldest interviews back in those days, Marilyn Monroe said I often felt lonely and wanted to die.

In one of her rarest and oldest interview conversations before her death, late Hollywood stellar actress Marilyn Monroe said I often felt lonely and wanted to die.

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According to the excerpts from her published autobiography titled My Story, in it Marilyn Monroe had openly written that she had experienced a very rough and totally traumatic childhood as a kid where she didn’t also had the slightest inkling that the people she was living with weren’t even her biological parents. But as and when she started becoming older, the women that took care of her finally revealed to Marilyn that they both were not related with each other.

Her caretaker was quoted saying “Don’t Call Me Mama” according to the late and enigmatic Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe’s autobiography titled My Story.

The autobiography also revealed that when Marilyn met her biological mother, Marilyn’s first impression of her was of an immensely attractive woman who didn’t smile at all. According to Marilyn, this was true that her mother never held and kissed her let alone speak kindly to her. Her mother was facing difficulties in raising her and taking care of her, so then she started paying a couple 5$ (dollars) a week to watch her daughter and give her shelter as well since Marilyn’s father left her mother before she was even born.

Marilyn then started living with a different couple along with her mother in a home her mother had just purchased then. But this living arrangement scenario had to be cut short abruptly as Marilyn’s mom had gotten mental health issues and had to be taken into a psychiatric hospital for further treatment which ultimately forced Marilyn to live in an orphanage.

Marilyn said that she often felt very different and diverse because of the way she grew up when compared to the other children. In her autobiography, she wrote, “As I grew older, I knew I was different from other children because there were no kisses or promises in my life. I often felt lonely and wanted to die”.

Marilyn also confessed of trying eagerly to make herself happier by daydreaming as she also wanted to be loved just the way she saw other children being loved. She also shared about the fact of how she could never imagine someone loving her like the other children which is why she settled on daydreaming about people being attracted to her where she also yearned for people to look at her and say her name.

Marilyn Monroe’s death took place on 4th August 1936 at the age of 36 years from drugs overdose.

Few years later in year 2005, the late reporter John W Miner in a leading international entertainment publication wrote, “Marilyn Monroe bears the stigma of suicide. That is wrong and must be corrected. The medical evidence here assembled is sufficient to show that she was a homicide victim”.

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