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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Mariah Got Treated Once With Private Plane Of Roses By Ex Boyfriend

Best known as a legendary and globally prominent Hollywood pop star and entertainer, singer Mariah Carey got treated once with private plane of roses by ex boyfriend.


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Mariah Carey has been a part of the entertainment industry from past three decades now. The Grammy award winning pop star and singer has given us many hit songs over the years along with innumerous lovable moments and the constant Mariah – isms. This is an unknown piece of hot gossip coming to the fore now that Mariah got treated once with private plane of roses by ex boyfriend.

In her entire career spanning three decades, this is a fact that the versatile and ace Hollywood pop star has had many high profile affairs and relationships throughout her life and now her fans might get surprised to know this interesting news that in her past, Mariah got treated once with private plane of roses by ex boyfriend.

Her relationships have always been highly publicized right from her marriages to Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon to her dalliance with Derek Jeter and this tit bit of scoop is exciting to know that Mariah got treated once with private plane of roses by ex boyfriend.

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In all these relationships, one in particular was filled with real romantic gestures of which she has even dedicated an entire chapter to in her memoir titled The Meaning Of Mariah Carey (2020) wherein she after her separation and divorce from Tommy Mottola in 1997, she began dating Luis Miguel who is also fondly known as ‘Latin Miguel’ by the fans and they both dated each other for three years right from 1998 to 2001 with Luis totally by Mariah’s side as he helped her go through with the divorce process.

In her 2020 memoir titled The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, The “Emotions” singer writing an entire chapter about her ex lover recalled their first date which was a real blind date that had been set up by her friends in Aspen and he made a first bad impression since he drank too much and excessively but Mariah still did see a future with him.

Mentioning this entire incident in her memoir book, Mariah said, “He had an undeniable passionate flair; I could see the potential for adventure in him. He was an authentic, over-the-top Latin lover, for real”.

During their relationship, Miguel literally treated Mariah like his Queen and showered her with Lavish gifts where the Latin singer often bought her to his gorgeous home in Acapulco with real pink flamingos and a mariachi band that serenaded both of them when they ate dinner.

Mentioning about this part, she fondly recalling it wrote, “Luis was exciting and extravagant. We were both Aries, and we vibed energetically. He was incredibly romantic and spontaneous. We would go on adventures: ditch security and go for a ride, or pick up and go to Mexico City”.

His displays of affection for Mariah even though were luxurious and extravagant, they were loved by Mariah Carey.

She furthermore also added, “Luis didn’t hold back in his material displays of adoration. Once, he filled an entire private jet with red roses to surprise me. His dramatic romantic gestures spoke to the eternally twelve girl in me, because they really were like something you saw in the movies”.

Even after this dreamy and fairytale romance love story, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and they broke up with each other in 2001.

Explaining about this in her memoir, she wrote, “It was all grand and exciting, but it was far from perfect. Though we made an effervescent couple, it’s always hard to live and love in the limelight”.

Finally, also opening up about how they both came in each others lives at a difficult moment where being able to support each other became a struggle for them, she wrote, “We were not helping each other heal… After three years, I knew it was time for us to part ways. We had a good run, and I still have fond memories, but ultimately, he wasn’t the one”.


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