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Maria Bakalova Gets Candid On Working With Pete Davidson

Maria Bakalova revealed that Pete Davidson provided comedic relief between the tense moments of filming Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Maria Bakalova got fame after starring in the 2020’s Borat sequel. The breakout role also earned her an Oscar nomination. Maria’s latest credit includes the comedic thriller Bodies Bodies Bodies alongside Pete Davidson. However, the actress recently shared her experience of working with a Saturday Night Live alum.

The recently released thriller follows a group of friends gathering at one of their parents’ houses to ride out a hurricane with plenty of booze and drugs. But when the electricity goes out, so does any loyalty between the social media-obsessed pals. Despite all the tension on screen, Bakalova revealed that “there was lots of fun and love and trauma bonding” between Pete Davidson, and other costars. The actress added, “It’s been beautiful to meet people that are dedicated, intelligent, talented and kind of workaholics.”

Maria Bakalova also shared that Davidson provided comedic relief between the tense moments of filming. The Oscars nominee actress added about Davidson, “He’s incredibly funny and fearless. He was so freaking organized and disciplined and prepared to jump into this horrible character that he’s playing when he himself is one of the sweetest, nicest people on this planet. I’m usually not a fan of scary movies, because I get scared very easily from little things.”

The actress further added, “But this one, it’s relevant to my generation, it’s relevant to social media and our addiction to it. We call people ‘friend’ just because they’re on our contact list on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, without knowing anything about them.” “As much as I would like to say that social media is the worst and we should all stay away from it if it’s used properly, it might be actually a good thing; [you can] use it for a greater cause,” Bakalova says.

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While talking about the movie, Bakalova said, “But comparing yourself to somebody is not going to get you further down the road. That’s a problem with all of these characters, they’re looking at all the images, videos, selected by people they have never met and trying to be these people.” Bakalova attended San Diego Comic-Con last month with her Bodies costars, as well as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 casts, as she’ll play astronaut pup Cosmo the Spacedog in the upcoming instalment of the Marvel franchise.

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