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Madonna Faces Backlash For Not Following Social Distancing Even After Tested Positive For COVID-19

Madonna, who recently said: "Took a test the other day, and I found out that I have the antibodies," was seen attending Steven Klein's party for which netizens are upset and say she has made a joke of the pandemic, lockdown, and social distancing.

Popstar Madonna, known for singing hit numbers such as ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Like A Virgin’ has landed in yet another controversy. The singer also called the ‘Queen of Pop’ faces outrage and condemnation for flouting social distancing norms and attending a party thrown by celebrity photographer Steven Klein and her longtime partner.

Last week on Saturday taking to Instagram, the ‘4 Minutes’ hitmaker had reported that she had tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, which means the singer was exposed to the virus. Despite her diagnosis, the pop singer was seen at the party violating social distancing norms and stood next to Steven Klein and hugged him. The photographer took to social media to share with her a photograph.

Several users have taken to social media slamming Madonna for not adhering to social distance. Some netizens have pointed out that the conduct of the pop diva was especially troubling as it is quarantined with its children, two of whom are very young.

Most of the guests had been through Zoom to join the party, and Madonna was one of the few in-person attendees. Several people have pointed out on Instagram that none of the guests at the party were wearing masks.

Michele L Ruiz, celebrity PR, took to Instagram to defend Madonna and wrote, “She was in her own home… There were about 5 people that came to her home (or Steven’s?) to celebrate Steven’s birthday, and all these people have been quarantined for over a month as well. Please stop the madness. She would never put herself or her children at risk.”

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