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Madonna And Selena Gomez Fell Over Multiple Times During Britney Spears’ Wedding Reception

Britney Spears revealed that she, Madonna and Selena Gomez had fallen multiple times during her wedding reception party.

Britney Spears tied the knot with Sam Asghari on June 9 in a lavish ceremony. Recently the pop star has revealed that she, Madonna and Selena Gomez fell over multiple times during her wedding reception to Sam Asghari, claiming decorative rose petals were to blame. The singer hilariously admitted to toppling onto the floor once, while Madonna slipped three times and Selena Gomez, twice.

However, Britney Spears deleted the lengthy post that shared on her Instagram. In the same now-deleted Instagram post, Britney claimed she ‘never invited’ her older brother Bryan, 45, to her wedding, despite his girlfriend Amber Lynn Conklin previously citing a scheduling conflict as the reason for his absence. However, Britney insisted that she didn’t consume ‘a sip of alcohol’ because she’d been ‘drug tested at least 3 times a week’ for the past 13 years while adding she was never allowed to drink during her conservatorship.

Britney penned on the social media platform, “My friend watched the video of the reception party and to be exact, ‘Madonna fell 3 times, Selena Gomez fell 2 times and I fell once all because of the rose petals. I’m surprised I didn’t fall every 5 minutes and no, I didn’t drink or sip of alcohol!!!'” Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, who began dating in 2015, tied the knot last Thursday at her Thousand Oaks home.

The pop star also slammed her brother Bryan and the rest of the Spears family for their alleged treatment of her during her now-terminated conservatorship. The ceremony was attended by a myriad of high-profile celebrities, but her estranged family were not invited to Britney’s wedding. Britney debunked the rumours that she has invited her brother but he didn’t attend the wedding due to a schedule conflict.

Britney wrote, “You were never invited to my wedding so why even respond ?? Do you honestly think I want my brother there whole told me no to a Jack and coke for 4 years … what ???” The pop star also claimed that Bryan’s go-to drink was ‘a Jack and coke’ and that he’d have it ‘every night’ in Las Vegas while she headlined a four-year residency at Planet Hollywood. Britney said that he ‘would never even let me have a sip’ of the drink and accused him of being on the same power trip as her father Jamie Spears.

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