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Machine Gun Kelly Reveals How Funny Text From Megan Fox Inspired New Movie ‘Good Mourning’

Machine Gun Kelly shared a funny story behind his inspiration for the new movie 'Good Mourning' at the red carpet premiere of the movie.

Colson Baker, i.e., Machine Gun Kelly plays the role of London Cash in the movie, whose world gets turned upside down after he receives a weird breakup text from his girlfriend. Recently, Kelly told E! News, “I just looked at my phone and was so confused by a text that was sent by my now fiancé. I asked everyone for relationship advice that was not in a relationship. And I was like, ‘I think all this is terrible,’ and it led me down a really bad road.'”

At the end of the day, it was all one big misunderstanding. “And then me and Megan talked. She was like, ‘All of this is in your head. What are you talking about?’ And then I was like, ‘Oh, well I wrote this movie, so,'” Kelly further shared. Kelly also said that Megan has saved Kelly in real life but at the same time she has also saved him onscreen and other female cast members from Good Mourning. “It seems like the women are saving the boys’ ass over and over again in the film, which is what I love,” MGK shared. “And it feels like that’s so real in real life, too.”

Kelly also got a little cheeky in his new movie and shared his embarrassment in the same interview. “Guys, I have no a**,” Kelly said into the camera showing his bare butt in the film. “It makes me very sad to watch it on screen, but I did that for you. So, I hope that you laugh at my lack of ass.” The Bloody Valentine singer’s directorial debut has famous faces, including Becky G, Dove Cameron, Whitney Cummings and his friend Pete Davidson.

While talking about Pete, MGK shared, “He cracks me up. I feel like I laugh with him all the time behind the scenes, and then on the scenes is even worse because I can’t do my job because I’m too busy laughing.” Machine Gun Kelly and his fiancé, Megan Fox were twinning in pink at the premiere that was in West Hollywood, California, on May 12. Previously, the Mainstream Sellout singer released the official poster for his upcoming movie Good Mourning, which he wrote, directed and starred in with friend Mod Sun.

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