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Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Chained Together By Their Nails For The Launch Event

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly donned bizarre nail art that kept them close all night at the singer's nail polish launch event on December 4.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox linked up at the launch party for his new unisex nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR, in West Hollywood, California, Saturday night. The couple stepped out to the red carpet in matching black ensembles, with a silver chain connecting them together by their edgy 3D snakeskin nails.

Meanwhile, their nail artist, Brittney Boyce, revealed on Instagram that the look was achieved by using three shades from MGK’s collection, Party Favor, 25 to Life, and Depressionist. “After the nails were dry, I used a nail piercer to pierce both of their pinky nails and added rings to them, so that I could attach two chains to them so that they were chained together,” the Nails of LA founder explained. Megan Fox also shared some glimpses from the event and wrote, “hot topic couture.”

However, the singer previously made headlines for painting his tongue black at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, donning razor-sharp acrylics at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and trolling fans with a fake shaved head and skull tattoo look for his ‘Papercuts’ music video. This isn’t the first time Jennifer’s Body actress and the Forget Me Too singer have shared a major fashion moment together. In October, the lovebirds graced the front cover of British GQ Style’s autumn/winter issue with a steamy photo shoot that featured Megan almost entirely naked and pointing a gun at a long-haired Machine Gun Kelly.

However, in September, Megan told E! at New York Fashion Week that her boyfriend’s “really flamboyant” sense of style has influenced her own since the couple began dating last year. “I always had a streak of that when I was young,” she said. “He has elevated that a lot and brought that out a lot more.” She also revealed that he takes fashion cues from her as well, especially “when we’re going back-and-forth between what we want to wear” or “how he wants to be for couture.”

Prior to the official UN/DN LAQR launch event, MGK, who has been known to rock some neat nail art in the past, told Allure that he aimed to offer a “full experience” with his nail polish collection. He added, “UN/DN LAQR is the Willy Wonka of what beauty is to become.”

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