M3GAN’s Producers Talk About Casting Their Killer Doll

The producers of M3gan talked to 'The Deadline' about how they cast a 12-year in the thriller and horror series.

Universal, Blumhouse, and Atomic Monster’s hit killer doll M3GAN have amassed an impressive $176 million worldwide following its release in January on a budget of just $12 million. While the film was set in Seattle, it was shot in Auckland in 2021 after the pandemic forced the project to switch from filming in Montreal to New Zealand’s relatively Covid-19-free coast.

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M3GAN- The Making Of the Killer Doll

The film’s sequel is set for January 2025 release, has yet to confirm whether it will be re-shot in New Zealand, but sources suggest it is highly likely. The director Gerard Johnstone’s home and there the project would finally begin when they will find its 12-year-old star, Amie Donald, who plays M3gan.

“The fact that we were able to find her at the time we needed to cast someone for this role is, I mean, I don’t even know what the odds are, but they’re very good,” says producer Judson Scott. .” And to find someone who is as capable as they are of doing what we need to do but also has as good a screen presence as they do is something that cannot be learned…It’s an X factor, she’s got it. We are fortunate to have found this person in the city where we were filming.”(Deadline)

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Donald, an Auckland native and national dance master (whose skills have proven useful for the puppet’s viral dance), brought M3GAN to life using visual effects, puppets, and animatronics.” He reminds me of the old movie stars,” says Scott. “She can dance, she can do all these amazing stunts.

“M3GAN was shot in Auckland, using Auckland Studios and Auckland crews to make the most of our city’s woods, suburbs, and downtown. There’s even a star in the making in Amie Donald, who plays the M3GAN doll. The film is also a remarkable achievement for our director, Gerard Johnstone.