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Louis Tomlinson Shares His Hopes For One Direction REUNION

Louis Tomlinson shares that he thinks it 'would be a shame' if he and his fellow One Direction bandmates never reunite.

The most popular boyband, One Direction, went on hiatus in 2016 after one of its members, Zayn Malik left the group. Now it’s been almost 7 years since all the five members, that is, Louis, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, sang together on stage. Fans are still hopeful for the One Direction reunion. However, one of the members of 1D, who first found fame on The X Factor in 2010 and went on to become one of the most successful boybands ever, also hopes for a reunion.

In a recent interview, Louis Tomlinson said he thinks it ‘would be a shame’ if he and his fellow One Direction bandmates never reunite. While discussing the prospect of the reunion, the singer also looked back on the group’s rise to fame. When asked about getting back together, he said, “One day, there’s a lot of moving parts but it would be a shame if we didn’t. I hope so.”

Speaking about the group’s success, Louis said, “It’s easier to see now from the outside looking in, it was a crazy time but amazing to go through with other people. It would have been scary to go through it alone at that age.” Louis also spoke about recording his new album and how it’s different to his debut album. The singer revealed, “It was a bit of a process on my first record there was an element of trial and error.”

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Louis continues, “Obviously coming out of a band the size of One Direction, it takes time to find yourself, musically, but I really think I’ve found it on this album and this single.” Previously, Louis Tomlinson slammed the first of the group’s studio offerings. The singer shared that twelve years ago, the band got formed, but the first album was not good. One Direction went on to release albums Take Me Home in 2012, Midnight Memories in 2013, Four in 2014 and Midnight in the A.M in 2015.

Zayn left the group in 2015, and later the rest of the band announced an extended hiatus. The singer previously debunked all the bad blood rumours between the British singers. In a previous interview, Louis shared that he’s certain his ex-bandmate Liam Payne is just as proud as he is of their time in the boy band. The infight rumours first originated from a revealing interview Payne did in June that criticized Zayn Malik.

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