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Louis Tomlinson Finally Releases New Album ‘Walls’ Including Track ‘Always You’

Louis Tomlinson’s debut album ‘Walls’ has just been released and the song that fans “fought for” to be on the album for two and a half years titled ‘Always You’ is present in the album!

Louis Tomlinson has FINALLY released his debut album Walls after making fans wait for a really long time. After teasing about the release, the former One Direction member’s dropped his debut album on Friday (Jan.31).

After the 27-year-old singer dropped “Kill My Mind,” “Two Of Us,” “We Made It,” “Don’t Let IT Break Your Heart” and the title track, fans began wondering if Tomlinson would sing more about his famous ex-GF Eleanor Calder or make a reference to One Direction like Liam Payne did in Strip That Down.

Louis seemed to have something else on his mind as he included the song “Always You” on the track list, a song that he had teased back in 2017 but never released until fans requested him to release it for over two and a half years! Even though he announced that the track would be on his album, fans are still losing it since they’ve waited for this song since what-felt-like forever.

“WAS IT WORTH IT TO WAIT ALMOST 3 YEARS FOR ALWAYS YOU? YESSSSSSS 100% PORCENT, F***ING MASTERPIECE, WELL DONE, KING @Louis_Tomlinson #Walls,” an excited fan tweeted, while another fan tweeted, “congrats @Louis_Tomlinson on your debut album, #Walls! it’s amazing & i’m already in love with it . been waiting forever to listen to Always You .”

A fan associated the lyrics of Always You to Louis and Eleanor’s on-again and off-again relationship and tweeted, “Wait so, I’m always you, it says he went from LAX to Heathrow and went home to see no one there n that. Isn’t that exactly what he said about coming home from tour or something and Eleanor wasn’t there??? Is it her, am I late to that #Walls.”

Louis recently spoke about his feelings towards his album to a leading magazine. “I feel like I’ve been swimming against the tide a little bit,” he said. ” When I took the leap of faith to go, ‘All right, I’m going to do something on my own,’ it took me a second to work out exactly what that was going to be. A lot of people, when they’re first starting out, they develop in the background, trying different things. But obviously, I had to do that a little bit more publicly. That’s been definitely been challenging at times. So I’m relieved to have an album that I’m really proud of.”

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