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Popstar Lizzo Sang BTS Butter Cover Version In A VMIN Shirt

The versatile and stunning iconic American popstar Lizzo once again showed her love for VMIN and being a VMIN stan, she sang BTS Butter cover version in a VMIN shirt.

This is an exciting news scoop surely to make all the BTS ARMY’s across the globe really thrilled and excited as American popstar Lizzo sang BTS Butter cover version in a VMIN shirt.

Just days after improvising a BTS song related to the most popular ship VMIN that V (Taehyung) and Jimin, popstar Lizzo sang BTS Butter cover version in a VMIN shirt.

Recently the stunning and versatile American popstar in her recent appearance as a celebrity guest at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, popstar Lizzo sang BTS Butter cover version in a VMIN shirt.

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Days after improvising a song related to BTS members Jimin and V, Lizzo is seen showing her love once again for the global popstars septet BTS now and fans are really feeling happy since American singer Lizzo sings BTS cover version in a VMIN shirt.

Two days back on 23rd September, Lizzo made an appearance as a celebity guest at BBC Radio 1’s Live lounge wherein he was seen promoting her new single Rumors and since its a custom on Live Lounge, Lizzo went ahead and also sang a cover version of hottest summer banger track of 2021, BTS Butter but in a VMIN shirt and once again did not disappoint fans and ARMIES across the globe as she apart from singing the Butter cover version, also showed her love for both V (Taehyung) and Jimin yet again.

Before her performance for Butter, speaking with show presenter Charlie Hedges about her choice and what it means to her, Lizzo said, “I love this song and love how positive BTS’s music is. I am singing it around the house anyway so I might as well sing it on the Live Lounge. I’m really a sucker for people who make positive music. The world has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure, and they’re just good-hearted. I wanted to bring some more positivity into the world via their song. It’s a great song, too. It’s so funky. I hope we do it justice”.

Not only did Lizzo not disappoint, but she also made sure to wave the flag for VMIN enthusiasts with her attire wherein she set a new style statement with her bandeau top emblazoned with “VMIN” for the performance. We won’t know for sure but the top does look handmade and you just have to applaud the commitment.

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