Lionel Messi Makes Surprising Appearance In Will Smith’s Instagram Video

Hollywood actor Will Smith recently shared a video on his Instagram featuring Lionel Messi, promoting his upcoming film, Bad Boys.

Football legend Lionel Messi has the power to turn any video into a viral sensation. Recently, actor Will Smith shared an intriguing clip featuring Messi in a fleeting yet impactful moment. The video captures Smith and Martin Lawrence’s attempts to navigate the complexities of football kicking when Messi unexpectedly enters the scene, eliciting surprised reactions from the duo.

With his trademark finesse, Messi effortlessly kicks the ball towards the camera, bringing the clip to an abrupt yet captivating end. This promotional video was crafted to generate buzz for Smith and Lawrence’s upcoming film, Bad Boys: Ride or Die. In less than 24 hours, the clip has amassed over 3.6 million views.

Reacting to the video many netizens shared their reactions a user commented, “Now you convinced me… I’m going to see the movie”, one commented, “Messi is robbing will’s Oscar now”, another wrote, “Damn no one expected that”. Watch the video here!

About Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Regarding the movie, Bad Boys: Ride or Die is an upcoming American buddy cop action comedy directed by Belgian filmmakers Adil & Bilall. Scheduled for release on June 7, 2024, it serves as the sequel to the 2020 film Bad Boys for Life. This installment marks the fourth film in the Bad Boys franchise, often referred to as The Boys 4. The original Bad Boys was released in 1995, followed by sequels in 2003 and 2020.

In the comedy action film, actors Vanessa Hudgens, Paula Nunez, and Alexander Ludwig are set to return to their roles. Furthermore, Jacob Scipio, who debuted as Mike’s (Will Smith) son Armando in Bad Boys For Life, is anticipated to play a significant part.

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