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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Lana Took Lara’s Hatbox And Clothes As Souvenirs From TATB Sets

Known for stellar acting as Lara Jean Covey in the super hit TATB franchise trilogy film series based on Jenny Han's books, Lana Condor took Lara's hatbox and clothes as souvenirs from TATB sets.


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The stunning Vietnamese Hollywood star Lana Condor has been ruling our hearts from past three years as the spunky Lara Jean Covey in the super successful To All The Boys (TATB) franchise right from To All The Boys I Loved Before (TATBILB, 2018), followed by To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (TATBPSISLY, 2020), and the finale To All The Boys: Always And Forever (TATBAAF, 2021) and in the last finale filming days on sets, she likes having keepsakes which is why Lana took Lara’s hatbox and clothes as souvenirs from TATB sets.

Having played this character more than three years of her life and the countless amount of love letter writing skills and being rom com obsessed traits as Lara Jean Covey, indeed Lana took Lara’s hatbox and clothes as souvenirs from TATB sets.

After the Jenny Han’s novel based film trilogy’s final installment To All The Boys: Always And Forever has now premiered on Netflix, Lana said an emotional goodbye to her character Lara Jean Covey and fellow cast members and to keep the memory of her film and character ingrained within her, Lana took Lara’s hatbox and clothes as souvenirs from TATB sets.

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In an interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Lana said, “Let’s be honest: I was a complete mess. I was having the best day ever working with my friends. And then my heart was also breaking at the same time, because I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to this character that has done so much for me and has just changed my life, has given me these insane opportunities, has just made me feel like I’m more connected to my community”.

When the shooting schedule and filming of the final installment in the TATB franchise got wrapped up, Lana didn’t really leave the sets empty handed and in a recent interview last month with a leading digital entertainment and news portal, the break through Hollywood star shared about what she took home from the sets of To All the Boys: Always and Forever in which the first thing was her lovable character Lara Jean Covey’s clothes and explaining this part, she said, “Did I get to keep any of the clothes? No. Did I steal the clothes? Yes. We spent hours and hours for every outfit making it perfect, because we saw from the first movie that girls actually went out to buy the outfits”.

When asked about the bowling shirts Covey had made for her and Peter’s Big Lebowski inspired date, on this Lana told, “In the third movie, they have this bowling jersey that we mimic from ‘The Big Lebowski’, so I have that”.

Continuing on the same point and mentioning that she also has that hat box in which Covey kept all her love letters, Lana shared, “I have the hatbox, which is not a piece of clothing, but I wasn’t going to leave the set without it”.

When asked about the other things she has taken from sets as keepsakes, on this Lana spilled, “I have this blue silk jacket that she wears during a scene with Peter [in Part 1] when she’s talking about people leaving — ‘The more people you let into your life, the more that can walk right out.’ I love that”.

She concluded the interview by adding that she also, “took a pair of jeans, which is not exciting, but it’s very hard to find a good pair of jeans”.


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