Lady Gaga Feels Physical Pain When Fans Take Her Pictures

Global pop star and musical legend Lady Gaga, in recent interview says she feels physically pained when fans take her pictures also citing, "Most of the time, it is triggered by objectification".

Lately, the Hollywood pop star Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta), who is loved by billions of fans across the globe, is becoming more open and vocal lately about her struggles of dealing with fame and the celebrity life in which taking everyone by surprise, this revelation came out that Lady Gaga feels physical pain when fans take her pictures.

Indeed a totally out of the box truth disclosure it is which is true as Lady Gaga feels physical pain when fans take her pictures.

Spilling the beans about how as a Hollywood superstar and pop singer living in the midst of people and public eyes which also include the paparazzis, it’s a real fact that has come out from the singer herself that she being Lady Gaga feels physical pain when fans take her pictures.

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Breaking the notion and ideas of why this concept of celebrities not dealing with same emotions like normal people, Lady Gaga has finally opened up on her experiencing anxiety and depression from fame.

Luckily, the singer has an extremely selective and totally tight knitted circle of friends which include Elton John and Ariana Grande that support her in the toughest times.

In her interview with at a leading channel’s exclusive chat show, opening up on her friendship with Elton John, Lady Gaga said, “He always calls me when I’m down. And that usually means I don’t pick up the phone, cause I isolate myself. And then I’ll get a message that they’re thinking of me”.

Speaking about her closest friend and deep bonding with Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga said, “Ugh, I love that girl. You know how hard it is to make a female friend in this business?. Come on. In this business, having a female friend is like watching a pig fly”.

Spilling the beans on how the A Star Is Born (2018) fame Hollywood actress was not really willing and also hesitant to become friends with Ariana, she said, “She was so persistent. She would try over and over again to be friends with me. And I was too ashamed to hang out with her, because I didn’t want to project all of this negativity onto something that was healing and so beautiful”.

This is also true that the Hollywood industry’s female pop sensation and superstar entertainer Lady Gaga has a hard time when it comes to dealing with fame as with an estimated net worth of $320 million, she doesn’t like the constant attention that she gets as a result of her fame.

Explaining this point in her interview, she said, “You can’t go to the grocery store now. If you go to dinner with your family, somebody comes to the table – you can’t have a dinner with your family without it being about you. All the time, it’s about you. And your outfits. ‘Look at your outfits, why you gotta be like that?”.

Also spilling the beans on how she feels physical pain when any stranger or fans try taking her pictures, Lady Gaga said, “Most of the time, it is triggered by objectification. If I’m at the grocery store and somebody comes up very close to me and puts a cell phone right in my face and just starts taking pictures. Just total panic, full-body pain, I’m braced because I’m so afraid. It’s like I’m an object, I’m not a person”.