Lady Gaga during her Las Vegas show fell of the stage with a fan!

Lady Gaga who was seen performing in Las Vegas, suffered an unfortunate fall at her concert while dancing with one of her fans

Lady Gaga who’s unique sartorial fashion choices, awesome music and doesn’t care attitude, has the whole world gushing over everything that she does. Take of example her recent entry at the Met Gala 2019, where she changed 4 outfits on the red carpet. Lady Gaga is now in the news after she had a nasty fall at one of her concerts held in Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga who is known for her sense of loyalty towards her fans and her profession was seen inviting a fan named Jack to join her onstage and jumped into his arms. But as Jack lost his balance, the two fell off the stage and the two suffered a massive and painful fall. But the two remained unaffected and were also seen returning back to the stage. 

Lady Gaga was even seen consoling  Jack after the accident saying, “Don’t worry, everything’s fine. It’s not your fault.” She further added, “Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?” Even Jack in an interview said, “It’s amazing. We love each other so much we fell off the damn stage. We fell into each other’s arms. We’re like Jack and Rose from Titanic. I suppose we should have some tea after that.”

Gaga also added that everyone on the internet should not stoop to bullying or teasing the fan to lost his balance and dropped her. Fans are concerned about the singer as she suffers from fibromyalgia, an arthritis-like condition that causes severe joint pain. But the songstress assured fans that she suffered no damage and proved the fans by dancing again on stage to her song Bad Romance.