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Lady Gaga And Salma Hayek’s ‘Intimate Scenes’ For ‘House Of Gucci’ Was Shot Like This!

Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek reveal one of the intimate scenes from ' House Of Gucci' and the fascinating way how it was shot. Read to know more!

Salma Hayek and Lady Gaga starrer ‘The House of Gucci’ might have been released last year, but the movie still managed to make viewers hooked to its captivating story and its stellar star cast. Lady Gaga, who plays the character of Patrizia Regianni, revealed one of the many intimate scenes from the movie, that grabbed audiences’ attention.

“There’s a whole side of this film that you did not see, where Pina [Hayek’s physic] and I developed a sexual relationship.” shared Lady Gaga.

“Director’s cut, who knows? But this is a testament to [Scott] as a director because he allowed us to go there, and I remember being on set with Salma and going, ‘So after Maurizio (Adam Driver’s character) dies, maybe… it gets hot?’ and she was like, ‘What are you talking about?'” she further revealed. Hayek herself laughed: “You think she’s kidding!”

“She is incredibly talented and incredibly smart. And she has on top of all that, extra abilities that not every brilliant actor has, which is she’s good with the accent,” Hayek explained about her fellow co-star.

“Of course, she has an amazing ear. She is extraordinary at improvising, and not everybody has that. She really embodies the character. Her level of commitment – I’ve only seen maybe once or twice somebody commits to a character as she does. And she’s also a great team player.”

Lady Gaga further recalled one of the intimate scenes from the movie, that was extremely difficult to shoot. She said, “‘O.K. so I was thinking, you know after the hit gets put out on Maurizio and you get the phone call that he’s dead, that I walk over to you and kiss you,’ and she’s like, ‘WHAT!'” the star smiled, adding that Hayek had the idea of getting cats to follow her around. “(Hayek’s) walking around the house and the camera was following her feet and all her cats were following her, and Salma – in order to get the cats to follow her – she put a bunch of catnip in her boots and the cats are following her. Then we’re surrounded by cats and we start making out – and I made out with Salma Hayek!”

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“I was expecting it of Lady Gaga, but he is a lot of fun on the set. And how much freedom, you feel a lot of freedom and you feel so safe. His attention to detail, nothing misses his eye.”

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