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Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Victoria Villarroel Opens Up About Why She Quit!

Kylie Jenner’s assistant of 5 years Victoria Villarroel, who used to intern for momager Kris Jenner, quits and explains why. Find out why she quit!

Kylie Jenner’s assistant Victoria Villarroel, who earlier used to intern for momager Kris Jenner, has quit after five years of working for the makeup mogul. Victoria reveals the reason to a leading daily saying, “After five years, it was a long time. I learned so much and we have such a great relationship, I really do love her with all my heart. But as a person, you just want to grow. And when you see that person be so successful, you’re like, ‘I want to be a boss a– b–ch. I want to kill it.’ I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“I’m reading a book called Big Magic and in the first pages, it tells you the universe puts little gem inside of everybody and then the universe steps back and sees if you can find it,” she added. “So I’m just like, I want to find it. I want to find my passion and whatever makes me 100 percent happy and fulfilled.”

Victoria also reveals what she has been up to since quitting her job and said, “I’ve been going to all my doctors appointments, I’ve been organizing my house. I’ve used every day to meet people, have meetings, network and get my brain flowing, get my ideas flowing. I’m just trying to be inspired. I don’t stay home all day. I hate just sitting at home. I’m just thinking about what to do next. I have ideas in mind, so I’m just hoping one of them works.”

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