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Kylie Jenner Shares Her Driving License Photo While Organizing Her Accessories Closet

Kylie Jenner posts the license photo as she organizes her new Closet Purse. The star took through her wardrobe of accessories at her new home in Holmby Hills.

As most of us fail to take a relatively decent picture at the DMV with its awful lighting and bright blue setting, Jenner, 22, has managed to take a driver’s license shot that doesn’t just look good, it looks like one of her professional photoshoot photos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her license on Instagram where she struck her go-to ravishing model look and wore her long black locks in bouncy curls. With two white heart emojis, a car emoji, and a smoke puff emoji, she captioned the post.

“Who else is this snatched on their drivers licence tho lol?! ,”  said Hayden Williams, a fashion illustrator. A fan account wrote,“My license does nottttttttt look like this .”

After Jenner posted her driver’s license photo, she also shared a back-the-scenes look at how she organized the closets for accessories inside her new $36.5 million home in the exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles, Holmby Hills.

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“Work in progress,” she captioned a picture of six floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with designer shoes and handbags inside the wardrobe.

This is a mere two handbag and shoe racks! Kylie has so many more pieces in her collection she also wants to arrange and display. Surely her fans can’t wait to see when Kylie actually finishes her closet project for the shoes, because the end result would be so enviable for everyone who loves luxury goods.

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