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Kylie Jenner REUNITES with ex-BF Tyga amid her break with BF Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott who split and currently taking a break, Kylie is seeking comfort from her friends, which also includes ex Tyga

Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott are reported to have broken up and are taking some time off from their relationship. The parents of Stormi haven’t officially announced their split, but are on a break. And during this difficult time, Kylie is seeking comfort from her friends, including her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

A leading daily reported that post her breakup, Kylie wanted to spend some time with her girlfriends and her bestie Stassie, and was seen visiting a hot spot for dinner. Tyga who was hanging out with a few of his friends at another restaurant “invited Kylie and her girlfriends to come to hang out, since they were already out.”

Though Kylie and Tyga parted ways in 2017, the two don’t talk often but “have been in touch.” A source also revealed how Kylie hanging out with Tyga was in no way throwing shade on Travis Scott or even trying to making him jealous, nor does this even mean that their breakup is permanent. The source stated, “It wasn’t an intentional jab at Travis, but she did hang out with Tyga for a bit. Nothing romantic is going on.” Though this may seem like too much of coincidences given the timing an all like everyone is aware, Hollywood is a small town and so is Kylie’s friend circle and her girlfriends are also friends with Tyga. 

Keeping aside her rendezvous with her ex, Kylie seemed “happy” with her friends during their night out. They were seen enjoying drinks and foods nad were also seen “selfies together and were laughing.” Seems like her outing was a much-needed break that Kylie needed given the drama she was experiencing with Travis. 

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