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Kylie Jenner ‘Prepared’ Her For Quarantine, Reminds Of Her Pregnancy Days

Kylie Jenner is as relaxing as she can be at her Calabasas estate during the quarantine of Coronavirus, and told us of the time she kept her pregnancy a total surprise!

Kylie Jenner has no social distancing concern.“Another daily reminder to take this social distancing serious and self quarantine,” she shared a series of posts on her Wednesday, March 18. “I’m on day 8. My pregnancy prepared me for this, I didn’t leave the house for months,” she further wrote.

We had almost forgotten — but Kylie kept her pregnancy under wraps for a whole nine-month stretch, revealing the news with a video about Stormi’s birth in Feb. 2018. Shockingly, there were no videos of Kylie’s baby bump paparazzi during her pregnancy, probably because she was at home.

“I hope everyone is feeling well! It’s so important right now to self quarantine to ensure we aren’t endangering ourselves or anyone who can’t handle the virus,”

On Tuesday 17 March, Kylie posted another text-based Instagram post. The CEO of Kylie Cosmetics loves her ideal home image, and has taken a video of the Calabasas sunset set to Don Toliver’s moody track “Company.”

Kylie’s latest is a dramatic contrast from her previous image, posted on Mar. 12 from Kylie Cosmetics headquarters— the day most companies revealed that they were switching to a work-from-home model. In the snaps, Kylie is seen in the lobby area chilling and sucking on her lips, which is probably not the safest thing to do with COVID-19 going around.

The widely spreading Coronavirus has hauled non-essential travel as people around the world practice social isolation and isolation as officials seek to contain the virus.

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