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Kylie Jenner gets SUED because of ‘Stormi’?

Kylie Jenner facing legal suit because of her and Travis Scott's daughter's name 'Stormi'?

Kylie Jenner is facing stormy times because of trademarking her daughter’s name ‘Stormi’, a news portal reports.

Kylie trademarked “Stormi” along with “Stormi World,” for her 2-year-old’s amusement park birthday party and rumour has it: she sees it as a potential theme park one day. She even sold Stormi merchandise at the party which is causing a clothing company to try and prevent her from legally claiming the name, a news portal reported.

Apart from the legal drama, fans would love to know that self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner seems to love to shop from Target every once in a while, especially during Christmas, as the paparazzi spot her at the supermarket with shopping for tons of things every now and then. Although she has more money than most people on this planet, she does enjoy normal-people-things too! In fact, she’s not the only Kar-Jenner to enjoy shopping from a regular supermarket. Kim Kardashian along with her and Kanye West’s little munchkin Chicago as well as Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s toddler True Thompson were recently shopping at Target and even enjoyed sitting in the trolley and being spun around by Kim. Pictures and videos of the same were shared on Kim’s Instagram account. They also enjoyed a delicious meal at the food court.

In fact, back in December of 2019, Kylie began her Christmas celebrations by doing a great charity for the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission along with her ‘momager’ Kris Jenner with whom she went out to distribute food, clothing, and toys for children-in-need this holiday season which was also seen in her Vlog on her YouTube channel.

The 22-year-old mother of one also showed her traditional Christmas Décor along with her toddler, Stormi in her vlog and said “I love this because I wanted Stormi to kind of experience what I used to experience growing up, and all the amazing memories I have.” She also revealed that her Christmas tree had some ornaments from her childhood.

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