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Kylie Jenner DIET Secrets & Favourite Cheat Meal Revealed

Kylie Jenner reveals that she used to order her cheat meal at least once a week’ during pregnancy. She also revealed that Stormi Webster dreams of bagels!

“If there was a face for hangry it would be me,” Kylie Jenner reveals in the opening of the video. She further revealed that Stormi gets hangry too and she gets it from her mommy. Not many people know that Kylie and Stormi Webster are big foodies! The makeup mogul spilled the beans on her diet, her cheat meals and Stormi’s food dreams on a leading magazine’s YouTube segment.

Kylie starts her day by drinking two giant jars of bone broth a day with lavender and lemon or celery juice (fresh pressed) and also revealed her favorite cheat meal –In-N-Out’s double cheeseburger with “just special sauce and grilled onions,” (protein style/non-protein style depending on the mood) along with well done fries and a Coke.

“It’s just for me. When I was pregnant I had to eat In-N-Out at least once a week. It was a problem,” Kylie said revealing her pregnancy cravings before she had Stormi in Feb 2018.

A typical lunch for Kylie would be, “a lemon chicken with vegetables” or “make myself some tacos,” or a “steak burrito, some rice, enchiladas,” it really just “depends.” She also revealed she loves sushi.

Kylie also admitted to being a “big snacker” her favourite snacks being – Barbecue flavored Lay’s chips, chili cheese flavored Fritos, and Pepperidge Farm’s extra cheesy Goldfish are all among Kylie’s

On the other hand, her newly-turned 2 years old daughter Stormi hankers is in love with bagels! “Stormi and I usually eat our breakfast together. She likes fruit, blueberries…she loves turkey bacon. She loves bagels,” Kylie shared.

“Actually, the other night — I always wonder, ‘What does this little girl dream about?’ And we were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and said, ‘Bagel.’…and I was like, ‘Is she asleep right now? I look over to find Stormi dead asleep, dreaming about bagels.”

Another fun fact Kylie revealed – they’re a peanut-free household as Stormi’s allergic.

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