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Kylie Jenner Claps Back After Hater Body-Shamed Her

A Kylie Jenner throwback video sparked a debate about her weight and she weighed in quickly to shut down the body-shamers.

Kylie Jenner has little desire to blame haters for the way her body has changed over the years! The star’s throwback video was uploaded on April 15 by a Kylie fan account at a 2017 event. People immediately began reflecting about how much Kylie looked “skinnier” in the video from three years ago. Yet when one person wrote that the 22-year-old was “better” back then.Kylie clung on.  “I birthed a baby,”  she reminded hater about.

hKylie’s video was taken in April 2017, which was just before she got pregnant with a daughter, Stormi Webster. The event took place soon after that year when Kylie first met at Coachella with Travis Scott and Stormi was born in February 2018. Kylie’s body clearly changed after she had her baby girl, but she’s completely accepted her changing figure and, of course, she still looks great!

Late last Saturday, April 12, when she posted a bikini video to her Instagram Story, Kylie shared an up-close look at her body. The makeup queen spent Easter with Stormi, Travis and her mother Kris Jenner in Palm Springs. After the getaway, she wore a hot pink bikini and showed off the look on her social media account.

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Kylie and Travis reportedly split up back in September, but the art of co-parenting was completely mastered. The two were together with Stormi for all the big holidays and events, and also seems to be quarantined together during the coronavirus pandemic. Given all the time they spend together, however, at this time they are not officially dating again.

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