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Kristen Stewart’s First Look As Princess Diana Garners Mixed Responses From The Netizens

Actress Kristen Stewart's first look as late princess Diana garners mixed responses from the netizens.

Actress Kristen Stewart is all set to play the iconic role of Princess Diana in her upcoming project. A few days back, her first look from the venture was released on social media platforms. In the first look, Kristen is donning a red suit and black bow knot with a black hat.

The actress is doing justice to her role as many call her a spitting image of late Princess Diana. However, not all have a good response for Kristen’s first look.

In the pictures, we can see Kristen Stewart doing late Princess Dian’s iconic head tilt. A few social media users criticised the head tilt, Stewart is doing in the pictures.

One of the social media users wrote, “I love #kristenstewart but can we PLEASE get past the #princessdiana head tilt… she wasn’t like that all the time, and no offence to Miss Stewart and all other actors, if all you can do to make us go ‘oh she’s Diana’, is a head tilt, thats not acting!” 

Well, the maker of the movie and even Kristen is yet to react to all the mixed reviews.  

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