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Kristen And Robert’s Ace Acting Gave Twilight Epic Musical Score

Not many people know, but it was Kristen and Robert’s ace acting which made music composer Burwell come onboard with epic musical score for Twilight.

This certainly not many people knew but yes surely many people weren’t really convinced and bowled over with the concept and storyline of the film at first glance especially those who got involved and came onboard for the super successful Twilight saga film adaptation series. But surprisingly Kristen and Robert’s ace acting gave Twilight epic musical score.

The noted film maker Catherine Hardwicke who helmed and directed the entire five part film series actually ended up throwing the film’s script away the first time itself when it landed on her desk but yes proving all these notions wrong, we can say that Kristen and Robert’s ace acting gave Twilight epic musical score.

Meanwhile, the hollywood starlet Kristen Stewart who played character of vampire obsessed human mortal Bella Swan in the film series with finesse and nuance initially thought that the film script was really shallow and vain and also didn’t really show any interest in auditioning for it until she read the eponymous book for same and rest is history since we all know that against all odds, Kristen and Robert’s ace acting gave Twilight epic musical score.

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The other person who was a hard nut to crack but finally came onboard was Burwell who actually composed and created the musical score of the film within a time span of over ten weeks also including the song ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ which got featured in the film’s soundtrack.

Speaking about how the Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke convinced the musical maestro Burwell to come onboard for composing music for the film series, in an old interview with a globally prominent digital hollywood entertainment portal, Burwell opened up on same and had said, “She sent me the script, and I knew nothing about the books at that point. I read the script, and I think my first reaction was that it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. You know, whether or not you think it’s melodramatic, it’s very romantic and completely sincere. There’s no irony really in it. And it seemed like it would at least be very difficult for me, and I wasn’t sure why Catherine was interested in me doing it. It seemed like other composers might be better. And she seemed to feel that I was wrong about this and that I was just a terrified person and she wanted to convince me, so she flew me out to Portland, Oregon, and showed me some of the footage and we talked about it some more. And she convinced me”.

Furthermore, he continuing on same said that it was his respect for Hardwicke that made him say yes for composing music for Twilight along with fact that it was also because of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s performances footage clips as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan shown by the director made him come onboard as music composer for the film, Burwell added, “I knew a little of Kristen Stewart shortly before that. I don’t know if Rob Pattinson had ever had a leading role, but she showed me some scenes that they had shot, and I could see that Catherine had gotten something special out of the actors. And she was certain that I would be able to bring something new to it. Something unexpected. And I have a lot of respect for Catherine as a director, so I decided to take her word for it”.

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