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Kristen Puked Between Every Take Whilst Filming Epic ‘Eclipse’ Scene

An interesting tit bit of story coming straight from the on set archives of Twilight franchise diaries now is that Kristen puked between every take whilst filming epic eclipse scene.

When Kristen Stewart got casted as Bella Swan in Twilight film series (2008 – 2012), her entire life changed and career actually took off where she became a hugely loved Hollywood star globally along with bringing her mainstream success and financial freedom to have an agency over her career. Now an interesting bit of gossip from Twilight archives here is how Kristen puked between every take whilst filming epic ‘eclipse’ scene.

An unknown tit bit of juicy tale coming out now from the Twilight diaries now is of the time when Kristen puked between every take whilst filming epic ‘eclipse’ scene.

This is really interesting and most unknown piece of set stories that comes out from the Twilight days now wherein Kristen puked between every take whilst filming epic ‘eclipse’ scene.

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But like everything has its boon and bane, this fame which catapulted Kristen to the global exposure of being an internationally known Hollywood celebrity and superstar post Twilight did come with its price which was a con and that was the lack of privacy which came in as a part and parcel post super success of Twilight film franchise because the film became a global wide phenomenon and media started getting more interested and intrigued to know about Kristen’s personal life and her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson.

In one of her earlier and old interviews, the Happiest Season (2020) fame Hollywood superstar had been open and honest about facts that how she, Robert and Taylor got treated differently in later films wherein some scenes were really difficult and not really easy for the actors to film and for Kristen it was a literal struggle and more of a herculean task to shoot the iconic tent scene from Twilight: Eclipse because she was severely not well during one of the days when this particular scene was being shot.

Back in 2010, during one of interviews, book writer and best-selling author Stephenie Meyer on whose books the Twilight film franchise was based on, told candidly about how Kristen was really feeling sick on last day of shooting the tent scene with both Robert and Taylor and shedding on light, she said, “The last day was the tent. That was it, and it was a pretty easy shoot. The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there but between every like scene…oh, she was so sick”.

Continuing on how Taylor and Twilight cast was totally understanding towards Kristen during The Twilight Saga: Eclipse film scene shoot that specific day, Stephenie shared, “And Taylor, like he was over digging around grabbing a garbage can. I’m like: ‘Why is Taylor taking the garbage?’  And he brought it over there for her so she could puke in it if she needed to.  And it was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day”.

Sharing details on how it isn’t easy being an actor and much more where filming Twilight was no exception, Stephenie told, “You know you look at actors you know and a lot of people are like: ‘Oh I want to be an actor.’ It’s so hard and they have to sit there and she’s wanting to puke and she’s all feverish and she’s having to do the shivering”.

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