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Kourtney Kardashian’s kids Penelope & Mason use skin masks & do facials & fans don’t know how to react

Kourtney Kardashian who is seen sharing her skincare routine for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Go To Bed With Me’ series revealed how her two oldest kids, Mason Disick and Penelope Disick are currently learning to take care of their own skin.

Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed that she is teaching and encouraging her two of her three kids, Mason and Penelope Disick to encourage a nighttime skincare routine, similar to the one that she follows. And this prompted a mixed reaction from her fans. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star spoke about her skincare ritual for Harper Bazaar‘s Go To Bed With Me series and stated that even her kids love taking care of their own skin and knows about the importance of it even though they are young.

Talking about Mason in the video she said, “I just went through a whole skincare routine with him. We started, we did a mask, we did everything, we wrote down all the steps and we put it in his drawer in his bathroom and he loves to do it and feel like he’s taking care of his skin. It’s an important thing to teach girls and boys.”

Further talking about Penelope and how she is getting involved in learning about her own skin by helping her mom she said, “She loves to give me facials. She’s watched me her whole life with taking care of my skin and we get our hair and makeup done almost every day for filming the show.”

And as the video was published fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on the matter. Though some fans thought it was great that Kourt is teaching her kids about their skin, others believed she was instilling the routine on her kids too young. One Twitter user wrote, “I think it’s wonderful that her child is learning self-care so young. It’ll also help prevent acne during those teen years when hormones dictate everything,” while another tweeted, “Well let’s be honest, he has one because you’ve obviously told him to and provided the stuff,” a third fan wrote, “Honestly Kourtney Kardashian should’ve started a skincare line because she really knows a lot about skin and health etc.” 

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