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Kobe Bryant And More Left Out Of Emmys 2020 ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

Kobe Bryant and more legendary personalities we lot this year were missing out from the list of ‘In Memoriam’ tribute; fans are saddened to see this bias.

Kobe Bryant And More Legendary Personalities Excluded Of Emmys 2020 ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

The segment “In Memoriam” is now an essential part of every awards ceremony, and the moment is always an emotional one that brings tears to everyone’s eyes.

The musical artist H.E.R. performed “Nothing Compares 2 U” at the 2020 Emmys as in the background the memories in the form of montage images and videos of television greatest players we lost over the past year displayed. There was one very notable missing though: Kobe Bryant, Nick Cordero and Kelly Preston.

In the emotional, intense “In Memoriam” part, this year Emmy Awards paid tribute to several television personalities — but some viewers were left disappointed. During the event, many took to Twitter to share their shock , anger and disappointment that a few major names were left out of the memorial.

While the heartfelt tribute was a perfect celebration of life, it did not feature every celebrity who died during the past year. Specifically, many audiences were caught by surprise by the absence of Nick Cordero, Kobe Bryant, and Kelly Preston.

Though Bryant — who, alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others, died fatally in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26, was not an actor, throughout his years-long career he was a major part on TV. Most, irrespective of his role in TV production, felt his name ought to be honoured.

The real source of disappointment seemed to arise from where the virtual event was held: the Los Angeles Staples Center, also popularly known as “the house that Kobe built.” So it was notably shocking to not mention him in the “In Memoriam.”

As for Cordero, his unfortunate death on July 5 from COVID-19 complications came after a month-long, very public battle, and many in the entertainment industry were saddened by his demise.

Cordero was better known for his work on Broadway, but in various TV shows, including regular appearances on Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU, he has had some prominent roles. Fans were prompt to figure out this when they questioned his exclusion from the tribute.

Meanwhile, with similar outrage and dissatisfaction, Kelly Preston’s exclusion was met. The actress, who died after a long battle with cancer on July 12, was best known for her film roles and her celebrated affair with husband John Travolta.

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With performances in several TV shows and a large amount of made-for – TV movies, but, for many fans it was disappointing that she did not get tribute or no one from the team remembered her in the long segment.

Beside this stars like Grant Imahara, Monty Python co-creator Terry Jones and horror icon Sid Haig, were also excluded from the tribute segment.

Meanwhile, the Emmys recognised that their tribute would not include any star who died this year, giving an excuse of time limitations.

However, the Emmys have a lengthy “In Memoriam” tribute on their website in an attempt to acknowledge and remember all those who have died.

What is your opinion regarding the exclusion of Kobe Bryant and more from the Emmys 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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