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Know Why Netflix Removed Scenes From Squid Games

The record-breaking survival drama aired a phone number in several shots which actually turned out to be the real number of a South Korean man.

The recently released South Korean series Squid Games has become netizen’s new obsession. But a number of shots have been removed from Netflix’s hugely popular Squid Game. The record-breaking survival drama aired a phone number in several scenes, which actually turned out to be the real number of a South Korean man.

As a result, thousands of fans started calling the number every day. The South Korean series squid games has come to the point where people are reaching out day and night due to their curiosity. “It drains my phone’s battery and it turns off,’ the man told Money Today.

Netflix has now stepped in to remove the shots from squid games to protect his privacy. “Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary,” a spokesperson told The Independent. However, as per News.com.au, the shots are still visible for Australian users.

Netflix’s trouble did not end here only. The streaming platform is being sued by a South Korean internet provider over the sky-high popularity of the gory television series squid games. The show has seen a steep rise in popularity worldwide since its release on Netflix last month and has been pegged to become the service’s most successful show to date.

A South Korean internet service provider, SK Broadband, is suing Netflix over increased traffic. The internet provider claimed that Netflix is South Korea’s second-largest traffic generator besides YouTube, and states that other streamers – Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are all paying network usage fees. SK Broadband alleges that traffic from Netflix on its network has increased 24-fold from May 2018 to September 2021.

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It’s now processing a whopping 1.2 trillion bits of data per second as of September, the same month that squid games was released on the 17th. The internet provider wants Netflix to pay for network access dating back to 2018. For 2020 alone, that amount was estimated to be around 27.2 billion won. In a statement to CNBC on Friday, a spokesperson for Netflix said, “We will review the claim that SK Broadband has filed against us. In the meantime, we continue to seek the open dialogue and explore ways of working with SK Broadband in order to ensure a seamless streaming experience for our shared customers.”

The South Korean series squid games is a survival thriller set in modern-day Seoul, where a group of 456 people is invited to play a series of children’s games with the chance to win a huge amount of money but if you lose in the game, you lose your life.

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