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Know The Scary True Story Behind Netflix Series ‘The Watcher’

The Watcher is about a house being stalked by someone who sends harassing letters, signed by 'The Watcher,' to its inhabitants.

Netflix’s The Watcher, starring Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts as Dean and Nora Brannock, has been widely praised by viewers. However, very few know that the series is inspired by a true event. The Watcher is loosely based on the true story of the Brauddus family, who are renamed the Brannocks in the series, and the alarming letters they began to receive after purchasing the home at 657 Boulevard in 2014.

However, the Brannock family are not the only characters in the series who are based on real-life people. The character John Graff, played by Joe Mantello, is loosely based on the family murderer and longtime fugitive, John List, who also lived in Westfield. In the fictionalized series, Graff’s creepy character is the former owner of 657 Boulevard, who also receives letters from The Watcher and then kills his entire family.

Meanwhile, in real life, List had no connection to 657 Boulevard, but he owned a mansion in Westfield and killed his wife, mother, and his three children before going on the run for nearly 18 years.

The Watcher True Story
The Watcher is about a house being stalked by an anonymous tormented. In real life, a house in Westfield, New Jersey has been notoriously stalked by someone who sends harassing letters, signed by “The Watcher,” to its inhabitants. After buying the house at 657 Boulevard in 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus decided to renovate it before moving in.

As Derek and Maria re-did the house, “The Watcher” began haunting them, claiming in his anonymous letters that the house was his family’s for decades and that he was put in charge of watching over it, waiting for its ‘second coming.’ Meanwhile, in a 2018 interview with New York Magazine, the couple shared their haunting experience. Moreover, several threatening letters were also printed in the outlet.

One eerie letter read, “657 Boulevard is anxious for you to move in. It has been years and years since the young blood ruled the hallways of the house. Have you found all of the secrets it holds yet? Will the young blood play in the basement? Or are they too afraid to go down there alone.” “I would [be] very afraid if I were them. It is far away from the rest of the house. If you were upstairs you would never hear them scream,” the letter continued.

After the experiences they had in the house, the family ultimately decided not to move into the house and hired private investigators. The Westfield police also conducted an ‘exhaustive investigation,’ but ‘The Watcher’ was never identified. The couple even sued the previous owners in 2015, alleging they knew about the stalker but didn’t say anything when they sold the house. The suit was ultimately dismissed, according to court documents.

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