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Know The Most Searched Hollywood Celebs Of 2021

2021 has been a weird year for many people, but it has been a wild ride for a few of the Hollywood stars as their controversies landed them on Google's Top Trending Actors/ Actress.

A few days back, Googled shared the list of most searched celebrities around the globe, and here are the Hollywood stars whom fans googled more than anyone expects with the reason what made them curious to search!

The American actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film Rust in October with a loaded gun, which led him to become one of the most frequently looked-up personalities on the search engine.

The second most googled Hollywood celebrity is Pete Davidson. Saturday Night Live star climbed to the top of the search rankings through a viral interest in his celebrity romantic relationships with Kim Kardashian. The romance rumor between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are swirling the internet since last month as they are spending lots of time together. However, Neither of the two came forward to confirm their relationship till now.

2021 has been a weird year for many people, but it has been a wild ride for actress and former MMA star Gina Carano. Gina Carano’s name is likely ranked so high because she was fired from the extremely popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian after she tweeted about controversial topics. And this might explain how she landed at number four on Google’s Top Trending Actors in 2021.

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Crisis movie star Armie Hammer’s year 2021 seems to be spent in crisis! He might be on the most searched google list because of all his controversy and alleged Instagram DMs. The controversy arises when a woman who says she had an intimate relationship with him created an account on Instagram to share gruesome details of the bizarre s**ual interactions she says they used to have.

The woman has also shared screenshots of conversations that allegedly occurred between Hammer and multiple women through Instagram DMs. While most people wouldn’t be surprised at the nature of dirty talk in 2021, the alleged conversations included talk of rape fantasies, the desire to inflict pain on his partners, and one in which the actor reportedly said he was “100% a cannibal.”

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