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Kim Kardashian’s Kids Smudge Lipstick On Her Couch While Painting Their Faces To Look Like Clown From ‘It’

It is no wonder that Kim Kardashian’s 6-year-old decided to experiment with makeup, specifically lipstick, since the KarJenner family have leading companies in the makeup industry.

Kim’s older daughter North West, decided to paint her little siblings Chicago and Saint’s faces to look like the clown Pennywise from the movie It. Fans were shocked that the little girl was allowed to watch the horror movie, but let’s be honest in spite of being entertaining it wasn’t that scary.

So North decided to attempt to do makeup like the It clown,” the KKW Beauty and Fragrance businesswoman captioned an Instagram story on the 20th of January. The next few stories featured pictures of little Chi’s face with red lipstick marks under her eyes and at the tip of her nose. Her lips were painted with a darker shade of red. From the looks of it, little Northie used bright and dark red lipsticks to complete the look. Kim later posted one more story showing a fully completed look of the little girl and it looked rather impressive for a 6-year-old.

Chi was not the only one who got her face painted by the budding makeup artist. The 2-year-old did not look too pleased by the makeup on her face, but her brother Saint looked happy with a big smile painted across his face. Looks like after painting Chi’s face Northie got the hang on it and did a better job on Saint’s face.

While the toddlers enjoyed their little makeup sesh, Kim’s couch had to bear the brunt of it. “My couch” Kim captioned the last photo in the series of Instagram stories with a broken heart and crying emoji along with a picture of Chi on the white couch with a huge red stain on it.

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