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Kim Kardashian’s Fans Accuse Her Of A Photoshop AGAIN

Kim Kardashian indirectly put the confusion to rest, as she posted an updated photo on her Instagram stories.

Kim Kardashian recently took to Instagram to share a new gym photo where she looked slender in a blue onesie. But moments after the upload, a few fans appeared in the comments to call out what they thought to be a slight photoshop fail.

Taking to Instagram, a follower wrote while referencing a slight bend in the metal workout equipment behind her, “Wait this is edited.” However, Kim later posted a picture from a different angle, proving there was no edit mishap, but rather a curve in the machine. Meanwhile, another chimed in to say, “The side of the table is bended. I never knew tables could bend.”

Another follower added, “Nooooo not the curvy background,” with crying laughing emojis. Others noted, “The morphed background,” and, “Whoever photoshopped this didn’t do their job right.” Kim, meanwhile, wrote in the caption, “Chin up or the crown slips.” Kim didn’t verbally respond to the critics, but later in the day, she turned to Instagram Stories to share a new photo.

Kim indirectly put the confusion to rest, as she posted an updated photo of her sitting on the machine in question. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star held four-pound weights in her hands and leaned slightly forward, making sure the curved chair on the workout machine was in plain view.

The star added a single emoji with a drip of sweat on its face. The SKIMS founder was wearing a figure-hugging baby blue bodysuit with a low-cut scoop neck that showed off her ample cleavage. The reality TV star-turned-billionaire mogul was notably wearing a pair of Yeezys, from estranged husband Kanye West’s Adidas brand in the posts.

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