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Kim Kardashian West SLAMS tech companies with a USD 10 million lawsuit

Kim Kardashian West recently sued two tech companies for USD 10 million for using her picture in their app without informing her.

Kim Kardashian West sure knows how to make headlines every single day. She is now making news for some serious issue as she filed for a lawsuit against two tech companies that used her image in their photo-editing application. Kim slapped tech companies Taplogic and iHandy for using her pictures without her permission.

The photo editing and makeup application by the two companies is called ‘Sweet Cam App’ and the picture used is of a selfie Kim took back in 2017 while promoting her famous beauty line. Well, it’s a known fact that Kim rakes in big bucks through advertising, which made her sue the two tech companies for USD 10 million.

The application creator iHandy countered the lawsuit as he claimed they were not aware that the woman in the picture is Kim Kardashian West. On hearing the reason, Kim’s legal team labeled the defensive statement by iHandy as ‘ridiculous.’ The suit stated, “Defendants incredulously and ridiculously feigned ignorance and assert that, of the billions upon billions of photographs on the internet and Instagram, they didn’t know that the one photo they pilfered and featured… is a popular photo of Kardashian that she had posted to promote her makeup beauty line, i.e. a photo of one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world.”

iHandy also asked for the amount to be lowered as according to them it is way too much. But Kim thinks it’s fair as they first sent in a notice of infringement in a warning. Not only that but Kim earns a similar figure if she agrees to endorse a brand on Instagram. So hence Kim thinks that the amount asked is sensible. But as of now, the decision lands with the court.

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