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Kim Kardashian Turns Kanye West’s Text Message Into A Gold Pendant

So heartwarming! Kim Kardashian just revealed she got a necklace with a pendant of a text message that husband Kanye West had once sent her.

The 39-year-old mommy of four took to Instagram on Sunday night to show off a heartfelt present that her doting husband Kanye gifted her

Kim captioned the picture, “If you look closely at my necklace, you can see it’s from a text Kanye sent me. He took an amazing vintage a Cartier gold plaque necklace and had it sketched out. He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts.

The text from Kanye read, “This is your life. Married with four kids. Get people out of jail. Cover of Vogue. Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true.” It also had a gorgeous photo of their Los Angeles home.

This sweet gesture by the 42-year-old rapper made fans go mush as one commented “Awwww!” while another went, “I wish someone would do that for me.” Another fan chimed it saying, “Kimye are goals!”

Fans recalled the time the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Twitter to tweet a screenshot of Kanye’s beautiful text to her on Mother’s Day that read, “Beautiful Mother’s Day. With the arrival of our fourth child, we are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need.

Kanye sure knows how to give his wife the most thoughtful gifts ever and Kim definitely knows how to thank him and show her gratitude for them.

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